About QFC

'Queensland Football Club' is a concept brand designing and manufacturing sportswear for a vaguely successful, fictional 90’s sports team. Our main items are made completely in Australia.

We design and release clothes not by season, but in storytelling capsule collections. Hopefully the clothes are a representation of Australian manufacturing, design and our sense of humour.

-Ken Sakata

How It's Made

Making things locally allows for a special collaborative process. Everyone is known by first name. Decades of experience in the Australian manufacturing industry help make quality garments.

Quality materials
Supporting Local

QFC is heavily influenced by 80’s/90’s sportswear, when garments were made to last.

We prefer to use natural fibres like cotton or wool (with no polyester content). We use local Australian materials if available.

Supporting Local

Our All-Australian range - Hoods, Crews, Quarter-Zips and Box Tees are made locally in Melbourne by experienced suppliers.

We continue a tradition of quality construction by involving manufacturers who made sportswear in the 90’s.

Supporting Local

Quality work takes time. We prefer to offer items every 6-8 weeks, in ‘drops’ grouped by storytelling capsules.

Our items are garment-dyed, a process requiring skill and experience to add colour and preserve softness in our garments.